2009 - 2010 Grants
2009 - 2010 Grants
Back to the City submitted by Denise Mulligan
The “Back to the City” project is designed to demonstrate to our students some of the functional academic skills related to English and math that they may need to learn in order to become productive members of their community. The objective of the project is to allow the students an opportunity to apply some of the skills that they are learning in their English and math classes. They will apply these skills through a scavenger hunt that will give them the opportunity to learn, hands-on, how the skills they are learning in an academic environment apply to real life situations. The scavenger hunt will begin at the library and include stops at an insurance company, the RMV, a department store, a restaurant and local business. The skills that our students will be learning and utilizing include a city taxi, filling out forms you find a the registry of motor vehicles, services and items found at a library, applying for a job, touring an automobile insurance company, gathering information, and calculating and utilizing a budget for purchasing certain items and a meal. The project will benefit approximately 8-10 students aged 15 to 18.
Increasing Play Skills in Students with Autism submitted by Michelle Clark
The purpose of this project is to increase independent play skills for children with autism through the use of video-modeling. The students that would benefit from this project are those students in the intensive special needs classrooms and other students that have difficulty playing appropriately. The students would watch a videotape of the model (teacher) following a play script. The student would then be directed to the play set that was just seen in the video. The goal would be that over time, the students would increase play skills and could play appropriately with toys without watching the video. One play set will be introduced at a time and upon mastery of one play set, another will be introduced.
Biotechnology Immersion submitted by Deborah O’Neil
The goal of this project is to increase students’ expertise in the field of Biotechnology. It is projected that many high quality jobs will be available in Massachusetts in the next decade in the area of Biotechnology. This not only includes research scientist positions, but also jobs such as management, finance, production and operations within these companies. Therefore, it is invaluable that all students be familiar with innovations in this field. The “Biotechnology Immersion” project would provide multiple biotechnology labs to every student enrolled in CP Biology, Honors Biology or AP Biology this year. The Boston University Mobile Lab will come to Sutton High School for three days during which time students will perform hands-on experiments such as DNA Fingerprinting and Genetic Testing. The Mobile Lab is a state-of-the art educational lab complete with the latest technology and trained instructors. The students will also conduct two experiments in the high school lab on photosynthesis and cellular respiration using Vernier carbon dioxide monitors that link directly to analytical software. At the conclusion of the year, each student will have an understanding of the tools and procedures used in today’s Biotechnology industry.
Elementary Climbing Wall submitted by Dan Schweitzer
The elementary Climbing Wall project will be geared to First through Fifth graders and will benefit approximately 700 students. The Climbing Wall will give students a chance to address the Massachusetts state standards from a new and unique angle. The Climbing Wall will be a new experience for many students and it will teach them many things about themselves. It will help the students to cope with fear and stress, and will encourage both self-reliance and responsibility. Climbing walls are beneficial in teaching student teamwork, self confidence, trust and motivation. As students use the Climbing Wall and learn more about themselves, they will at the same time be increasing their upper body strength, locomotor and non-locomotor skills. This project will be a new and interesting way to meet the Massachusetts state standards by the end of Fifth grade.
Exploring Electricity and the Alternatives submitted by Donna Coonan
The “Exploring Electricity and the Alternatives” program will increase high school students knowledge of how electricity works and then look at alternatives that society can explore as a whole to limit the issues of climate change that is occurring in the world. This project will reach approximately 160 students in grades nine through twelve. These activities will include the construction of models of a green school, home, circuits, solar panels, wind mills, and visits to sites that currently use these resources. 
Ancient Rome Recreated Project submitted by Denielle Stasa
Sutton Middle School’s 7th grade students study many ancient civilizations during the school year, including Rome. For many students, connecting with people who lived thousands of years ago is difficult. They often struggle to understand why they should be concerned today with what happened 2000 years ago. The “Ancient Rome Recreated” project is designed to encourage students to make connections between their current lives and the lives of the ancient Romans by building knowledge through a variety of learning methods and then applying that knowledge to become ancient Romans in a Roman city for a day. The purpose of the project is to provide all 7th grade students an opportunity to form their own opinions about ancient Rome and its impact on modern Western civilization through a variety of learning methods including access to primary sources, secondary sources, literature, and kinesthetic learning. Students will acquire knowledge of ancient Rome over a three month period. They will also read the novel Secrets of Vesuvius and engage in a collaborative IIM project and research an aspect of ancient Roman life in greater depth. Students will apply the knowledge acquired to create Roman identities and artifacts that span the spectrum of ancient Roman society, recreating life in an ancient Roman city. The final event will be presented in the gym, and the middle school will have an “Ancient Rome” theme day. The entire Sutton school community will be invited to come to the gym and tour “Ancient Rome Recreated.” 


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